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Jules returns to his throne! plus Acoustic Box @ Disc Jam Festival

Forrest ChessComment

The Indobox is happy to make 2 great announcements this week!

For starters, the band is very much excited to have Jules Jenssen back in his rightful throne, behind his enormous drum kit. Chris Narainen of Blue Boy Productions was a wonderful substitute in Jules' absence and everybody's thankful he could do the job, but with Jules' injuries healing smoothly, he'll be back where he belongs; onstage making music!

Secondly, Disc Jam Music Festival has announced the addition of an Acoustic Set by The Indobox. After the enthusiastic reception to the first 3 Acoustic Indobox shows ever this past March, it only seemed natural to play it at one of New England's coolest new music festivals in June. Check out the tour page for more information and tickets.