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Boston show next week adds Non-Profit donation!

Forrest ChessComment

Do you have an extra phone (any kind) or tablet? Bring it with you to the Indobox show on April 13th at Brighton Music Hall in Boston and a representative will be collecting them at the door and all night long; all donations are welcome! 

Nosapo will be providing information to refugees arriving to Italy and we are asking you to help us keep people connected and begin a safe life.

A portion of phones will go specifically to unaccompanied minors; these will have saved phone numbers of aid workers and people they can trust to contact in an emergency, as well as fact sheets about knowing your rights as a minor, finding safe work, and the signs of trafficking. Another portion of smartphones and tablets will go to children and will have learning programs downloaded onto them for Italian and English lessons. 

If you choose to donate, please include the charger and disable the screen lock! Thank you!

Read more about this project here:

Don't have an extra phone or tablet, but want to make a donation? Go here: